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Steering lines - Reduce Damage & Danger!

Steering lines suffer more impact and heat damage than other lines. They are used to steer and break our canopy and due to the fact that they have a motion free end (toggle), they can twist and create a knot. Steering lines tend to twist, twists shorten the line and to many twists can compress into a tension knot that could grab a suspension line and result is a slider up twisting canopy...

Here are a few tips to prolong the life span of your lines and in emphasis on the steering lines: 1. Collapse your slider - will reduce impact on the lines during flight. 2. Move your slider down - will reduce points of friction of the steering lines from 2 to 1 (Slider grommets and Steering line Guide ring to ONLY Guide ring). 3. There is no good reason to let go of your toggles after releasing the breaks, So there is no reason for them to twist at this point. 4. During flight - Steer using harness turns and riser turns, not toggle turn. 5. After landing stow your toggles in there place, there is no good reason to let them go after landing. So stow and prevent twists and other entanglements. 6. Be responsible, Untwist from time to time. If you think your packer gives a shit, Think again.

These photos are of a right and left steering line of someone that complained that his canopy is flying funky, easy to see why...

Blue Skies.

Yours, Slider....

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